Friday, November 16, 2012

CKC Seattle: Queen & Co. The Magic Continues (11/16/2012)

I recently attended CKC Seattle and it was awesome!  I took a handful of classes, and the project below is what I made in one of them.  I took Queen & Co.'s class called "The Magic Continues" (cuz it is a DISNEY theme, boo-yah!).  We made two 12"x12" layouts:

Our class was taught by Michael, the Director of Marketing for Queen & Co.  He was a great teacher, and gave us lots of pointers about design (note: the first page is divided in THIRDS, the first third on the left is the SUBJECT, the middle third is the ART [shooting stars & bling], and the right third is the TITLE).  Here is a close up of the title section:

He also taught us a trick!  This trick will come in VERY handy ....  First of all, ya all know what washi tape is right?  Yep, that is the japanese decorative masking tape which comes in all sorts of delightful and amazing designs and colors.  Welp, he gave each of us a strip of washi tape to use with our second layout, and then explained why:  We used the tape as "transfer paper" to transfer the bling strips from the plastic backing sheet to our page!

This long strip of bling is a bit difficult to pull off the backing sheet, and then apply to the page without losing a bling dot or two, or keeping it straight.  So, washi tape to the rescue!  Place a strip of washi tape OVER the bling, then press the washi tape into the bling.  Then, turn the entire thing over, and start pulling off the backing sheet.  Roll it off slowly, and keep pressing the bling into the washi tape.  The washi will hold the bling in place while the backing paper rolls off.  Then, turn it back over, place the bling where you want it (adhering it in place) and then peel off the washi tape.  It works great!  The washi tape is a perfect transfer device because it has very low tack, and peels off after placing the bling very easily!

Another new product that Queen & Co. has created are fabric titles.  These fabric titles are backed with adhesive on non-acid paper.  They were designed this way so that you can peel off the backing paper (which is kinda difficult but doable) or just use your own glue and adhere the title (with backing paper) right to your page.  Here is my title:

You can see that I did not exactly get it adhered straight - but I got the hang of peeling off the backing as I adhered (pull off an inch, press down, roll off next inch, press, repeat!).  The fabric stretches a little too while unrolling, so it takes a little practice, but I really like the effect and will be using these titles more :) 

And, our last tip in the class from Michael was to ADD yellow bling to black, because yellow really makes the black POP.  We put yellow bling in the black stars on the title block. 

This was a fun class, and I really like having Michaell as an instructor.  Ya can't go wrong with fun and colorful Disney pages :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a magical day!


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