Friday, November 23, 2012

CKC Seattle Heartfelt Creations Blue Floral Card (11/23/2012)

I attended CKC Seattle, and took several card classes from Heartfelt Creations.  This is a card we made in the 3-D Cards class.

We learned how to make 3-D flowers with dimension by using a stylus and molding mat.  See my 11/21/12 post for more info.  We used cut out and pre-stamped & embossed flower petals, and shaped them with our stylus and molding mat.  We also created the bud-blossom in the center of the flower. 

To make the middle bud, we used the stylus to shape the smallest petal, then cut between two petals into the center circle.  We then adhered mini glue dots to the back of each petal, and then fanned each petal to the back of the previous petal.  This kinda makes the petal into one long balled up bud, instead of a flat petal. To finish it off, we rolled it between our fingers and tightened it up a bit!  One large glue dot later, and we have a center bud for a flower!

The leaves were also pre-cut, stamped and embossed for this class, and we shaped them and layered them onto the card.

This class was fun, and the teacher (Jennifer) was fabulous.  I highly recommend classes from Heartfelt Creations!

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