Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sunset Reindeer (07/29/2015)

Today's card is full of sparkle! I used Sparkle N Sprinkle's Reindeer Stamp Set 722P7 and Tree Scene Stamp Set 723P5 to create a sunset scene. Let's peek, shall we?

In the Reindeer Stamp Set, one of the reindeer is a silhouette, but I wanted both of these reindeer to be silhouettes, backlit by the sunset. So, I stamped out the smaller reindeer, which is an outline stamp, and then fully colored in the reindeer with black Copic marker, to make it solid black. I fussy cut out both deer to get their silhouettes.

I stamped the trees out twice. The first one was over white cardstock, so I could color in the trees, then the second was on green cardstock. Both were stamped with Versamark Ink Pad (VM-001) and then I used White Detail Embossing Powder (EP298) and heat set the images. After this, I used my SNS Brushable Glue 540 and covered parts of the trees with the glue. I adhered Swan Wing GT3002 to the glue, which really made the trees sparkle and shine!

The sentiment was from the Reindeer Stamp Set 722P7. I die cut some white cardstock, and used distress ink and a blending tool to add in some color, while the paper was still inside the die. This gave me the white outline/edge around the sentiment. I stamped the sentiment with Versamark Ink Pad (VM-001) and used White Detail Embossing Powder (EP298). After tht was done, I applied Versamark Ink to the entire piece of paper and covered it with Sparkle Semi-transparent Embossing Powder (EP 107) to give it an overall sparkle and shine too.

Once all my parts were done, I covered a large piece of cardstock with 2-1/2" Double Sided Tear-ific Tape (SAT11). I pulled off the release paper, and covered the taped cardstock with Evening Glow Semi-transparent Glitter (G1086). This made the sunset background. You can see in the photo below, how sparkly and PERFECT this glitter is, for a sunset! I love it!

To finish off the scene, I made glitter snow. I used strips of 1/4" Double Sided "Tear-ific Tape" (SAT01) along with Twinkling Clouds Sparkle N Soft (SS107). To make the glitter ribbons, I cut about an 8" strip of 1/4" tape, then removed the release paper on top of the tape. I dredged it through a pile of Twinkling Clouds Sparkle N Soft, and burnished in the Twinkling Clouds using my finger tool. Once the front side of the tape was all covered in the Sparkle n Soft, then I removed the back layer of release paper, and did the same thing to the other side. This makes a wonderful glitter ribbon! Then, I layered more tear-ific tape onto my cardstock panel, and then bunched up and adhered the glitter ribbon onto the tape to stick it to the panel. The bunching made the snow have dips and valleys, and made it look real, and sparkly all at the same time!

This was a fun card, and I hope that it makes you think fondly of our winters and beautiful sunsets and sparkling snow banks!

Thanks for stopping by, have a magical day! 



  1. Look at all that sparkle and glitter! It looks fantastic!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! Love the colors and the tinsel on the trees is so clever.