Friday, September 25, 2015

Beach Surfboard (09/25/2015)

Hi! Have I told you how much I love the beach / water reveal theme this month? Welp, I do! Beaches and water make me super happy, and I was totally excited about this month's theme over at Sparkle N Sprinkle. I saw the Palm Hammock - Digital Stamp Set Digi731s and Woody - Digital Stamp Set Digi730s sets, and knew I needed to create some surfboards on the beach. Let's look at what I made:
I printed out several fence images, which also has sand and some beach grass. I colored them with Copics, and then added in some Celestial Semi-transparent Glitter G1031 adhered with Brushable Glue 540. I printed out two different sizes, to give the card some depth. Here is a close up showing the fences (foreground and mid-ground) with their sparkly glitter sand from Celestial Semi-transparent Glitter G1031.

Since I used the digital image, I was able to create two sizes of each of the surfboard and fence, and then printed everything out. I colored all the images with Copic markers. After coloring the surfboards, I realized I needed to make them looked "waxed" and to make them shine! Super Thick Clear Semi-transparent Embossing Powder EP230 to the rescue! I covered the surfboard with Versamark Ind Pad VM-001 by tamping the ink pad onto the surfboard. then, I sprinkled on Super Thick Clear Semi-transparent Embossing Powder EP230 and heat set it. The crystals for the Super Thick embossing powder are pretty large. Because of this, I heat set it from the bottom, underneath the paper. This kept the large crystals from being blown off from the hot air :) Even though it is SUPER THICK, I re-inked it with Versamark and then added another layer of Super Thick Clear Semi-transparent Embossing Powder EP230. This second layer really made the surfboards come alive, and look like they are ready to hit the surf!

I made two small surfboards, above, and then one larger one below. I colored this one with a little more pizazz. Surfboards come in all sorts of colors! I also double-coated this one with Super Thick Clear Semi-transparent Embossing Powder EP230.

This card has the beach and surfboards in the foreground, with the ocean waves in the background. I made the background with a lot of glitters and "Tear-ific" tapes. Check it out:
To make the wave background, I used three sizes of "Tear-ific" tape: 1/8" Double Sided "Tear-ific" Tape SAT02, 1/4" Double Sided "Tear-ific" Tape SAT01, 1/2" Double Sided "Tear-ific" Tape SAT04. I made glitter ribbons with five different colors of blue glitter: Jasper Blue Velvet Glitter (microfine) GM2012, Fascination Glitter G1030, Misty Blue G1021, Queen Elsa Frozen G1122, and Princess Elsa Frost G1121. To make these ribbons, I tore a 6-8" strip of tape, and removed one side of the release paper. I covered the front of the tape ribbon with one of the glitters, and then removed the back of the release paper, and attached glitter to the other side. I made glitter ribbons in each of the three sizes, for all five of the colors. Here is what they looked like as I made them:

Once I had all the glitter ribbons created, I layered a sheet of Super Adhesive Sheets SAS02 onto some blue cardstock, and then started layering up the glitter ribbons to make a wavy background. Here is a photo of the process.

After I finished adding glitter ribbons to the background, I layered on the fences and surfboards, and added the card panel to a dark brown cardstock. Then, my card was finished!

I love the ocean, the waves, sand, everything about it! There is nothing more peaceful than watching the waves crash on the beach and seeing surfboards and their riders out in the water.
Hope you enjoy these stamp sets, they are so versatile and so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by, have a magical day! 


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