Monday, December 31, 2018

Santa Cookies

Today's project are some Santa cookies I made .... Just had to share these :) My friend, let's call her Jody, bakes a LOT and is an amazing cook and baker. She made some amazing cookies recently and I asked her to teach me how to make the Santa cookies. So, being the awesome person that she is, she invited me over and supplied all the goodies. I brought two boxes of Nutter Butters, and we made these Santas!

To make these, melt white melting chocolate and dredge the bottom half of the nutter butter through the melted white chocolate, place a cinnamon dot as the nose, set them aside on wax paper. Once all of the Santas have their beard and nose, dredge the top half of the nutter butter through white melting chocolate again, and then scrape off most of the white chocolate above the wide part of the nutter butter. Immediately dredge the hat part through red sparkling sugar and set aside. Then, dab a drop of white melting chocolate onto the base of a white chocolate chip and place it onto the hat for the tassel. To finish off the cookies, melt a few mini chocolate chips and then dab a drop of melted chocolate chips onto the base of two mini chocolate chips and place them for the eyes. Easy peasy!

So easy ... right? Here are two FUN fails! Or, as they say, "Nailed it!" Yep, sometimes one can make some mistakes :) But, they still tasted good, so it doesn't matter if I have a cross-eyed Santa or a three-eyed Santa. It all tastes the same!

These were really fun to make, and I can't wait to make some more for upcoming holidays ... my friend "Jody" is willing to host me again for more cookie making shenanigans :) THANKS Jody!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a magical day!


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