Friday, April 28, 2017

Cat's Pajamas Embossed Stencil Layers Card for Mom (#17/52) {04.28.2017}

Here is my latest and greatest card for Mom. This one was REALLY FUN because I learned some new techniques and made this card in an AMAZING class ... Let me just tell ya! I took a class at my local Mom & Pop papercrafting store, Stampadoodle. Lynell Harlow from Dreamweaver Stencils came to our small little town and put on some classes at our local store. The classes were FABULOUS! She is such a great instructor and has designed some incredible products. In this class, we used metal stencils to do dry embossing and then more stencils to layer and color. Here is the card.

I learned a new technique, called "strié" (pronounced almost like "Stree-yay"). Wikipedia says: The word strié can be used to describe this process of painting, or to describe the actual finish created. In this case, which is hard to see in these photos, we created a linen fabric effect. To do this, we used 3/4" stencil brushes, and loaded them up with some reinker ink. Then, we lightly swept the ink on the stencil brush across the card panel. We did this from the top of the card to about halfway down the card. Go along the entire card edge, then turn the card 90 degree, and do it again, until you have done this along all four edges. This creates a cross-hatch type effect that looks like linen fabric. It is really cool in person!

To make this card, we dry embossed the card panel with a metal stencil. We ran the card panels and stencils through a die cutting machine with a beige embossing mat. Then, we striéd the card panels, and then layered on the stencil we used for dry embossing, and stenciled ink into the spaces. Then, we layered another stencil over and did it again ... this gave dimension and depth. I matted the layers with black and put the card panel on a black cardstock card base. I also stamped out a sentiment and attached it with dimensional foam tape. Then, my card was done.

I hope my Mom likes this. I loved this class and learning these new techniques by the wonderful, patient, and creative Lynell, from Dreamweaver stencils. Thanks Stampadoodle for the great class!

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  1. If she does not like it, please tell her to recycle it to me, Chris! LOL It is amazing. I read through your description three times over the past three mornings, and am not sure of how to make it, but THINK I get the gist of it. The stenciled lines are perfect matched - from the kitties to the outermost layer, which is really a feat! Thanks for sharing about your day, and educating me about the "stree-yay" technique! It's a gorgeous creation! hugs, de